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E90 CREE 10W LCI-A LED Marker Light

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Product Description

E90 E91 10W LCI-A CREE LED Angel Eyes Side marker  

Color: White, blue, red,
Power: 10W 
Voltage: 8-30V 
Warranty: 1year 

NEW 10W CREE LED marker for E90 LCI-A

Product Feature: 

1. Packing: 2 PCS LED bulbs and black gift box. 
2. Power: 12 V, blubs 10W, error free. 
3. Colour avaliable: White 8000k, blue. 
4. Delivery time: 2-4 days after paid. 
5. Warranty: 12 months. 

Models we have as following: 

E90 Pre-Facelift Sedan 2005-2008 before Sep

E91 Pre-Facelift Touring 2005-2008 before Sep

We can design LED light for customer, if you want to get full lists please contact me.



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